San Luis Obispo's Pink Barn

California, San Luis Obispo, Travel, United States

You may or may not know this about me, but I’m a fan of the color pink. So when I came across a couple of obscure pictures of a pink barn in San Luis Obispo, I knew I had to find it. Unfortunately, none of my online skills nor any of my California contacts knew where to find this pink barn. I thought I would leave SLO without finding it. That is until we happened to catch a Lyft with a local photographer who knew exactly what I was talking about.

So, to make it easier for all of you pink barn fans out there, you can find the pink barn at the north corner of the intersection of Los Osos Valley Road and West Foothills Boulevard, just a few minutes east of downtown. It’s close enough that a Lyft or Uber should cost only a few dollars, though your driver will likely be a little confused when you ask to be let out when there is nearly nothing around. There are actually roads on three sides of the barn, so you’ll be able to get pictures from lots of angles. However, you’ll still be about 500 yards from the barn, so bring your telephoto lens.