Welcome Jasper!

Stylish Living, The Goodrich House

This past weekend our family expanded! We adopted a 9-week old, long haired, orange tabby kitten!
Jon and I had been discussing adopting a furry critter to keep Opal company for a while, but recently I’d turned the search on high gear for a little fluffball. That search came to an end on Friday evening when I found this little nugget at the NOAH Center in Stanwood.

We named this little dude Jasper. Why? Because jasper is a gemstone most commonly orange and white in color. Just like our Opal, a little gemstone.

How’s Opal liking her new brother? The jury is still out. She’s been an only child for so long and is the princess of the house, so it’s been (and will continue to be) an adjustment. We’ve been attempting a slow introduction between Opal & Jasper, but she’s smart and knows a weird little creature is in the house. There’s been some hissing and growling, and she’s given Jon and me the cold shoulder and even gone on a 24-hour hunger strike, but yesterday we saw a lot of progress. She slept on the bed with us again, and sat in our laps for about two hours each. There was even less growling when she’d spot Jasper!