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Kate Retherford is the author of All Things Kate, a personal blog, focused on style, health & fitness, travel, and fashion history. Kate is a resident of Snohomish, Washington, just north of Seattle, where she lives in the historic Goodrich House, built in 1898.

All Things Kate was established in 2012 when Kate began a plus size style blog to encourage women of all sizes to be comfortable in their own skin. In 2014, Kate’s life forever changed when she started a health and fitness journey. To date, she has lost 70 lbs. Kate is now passionate about fitness, participating in barre and yoga, an active cyclist, and Zumba instructor.

No matter her size, she has always believed that having style has nothing to do with your size and everything to do with your attitude. She is passionate about empowering women and believes that every woman should have a voice.


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