Postcards from Iceland

In February 2012, Jon and I took a trip to Iceland with two of our friends. This was long before we started dating, but our shared love for travel and adventure knew no bounds. In fact, we had just launched…

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Goodbye Iceland!

After our adventurous day hiking a glacier, Jon, Dolly, and I decided to explore the city of Reykjavik more for the remainder of our trip. We ventured out to the local flea market which had great deals on souvenirs as…

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Our First Glacier Ice Walk

Part of our trip package included a glacier ice walk. Amy, Dolly and I were a little nervous about this as we are not the most “adventurous” of sorts. We started the day taking a bus ride to a small…

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Greetings from Iceland!

Hello from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland!¬†After about a seven hour flight from Seattle, we are finally here! Myself and three of my friends (Amy, Dolly, and Jon) decided to book this trip to Iceland last August. You may be…

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