September 2012

National Nancy Day & Photo Booth Fun

One of the most important aspects of my life is working out at Zumba, with a group of incredible women every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our “ring leader” if you will, is the wonderful Nancy McFadden. Though she can be…

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Daisy Necklace

With fall quickly approaching, here in the greater-Seattle area we’re winding up with the last few weeks of great summer weather, so naturally I’m trying to fit in as many of my summer dresses as possible before the weather changes…

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Trusty Threads

Many of my friends think that I am a Nordstrom snob and only purchase my clothes from them. Well, today I’m going to prove you wrong. I heard about a lovely little secondhand and vintage store, Trusty Threads in Marysville….

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Maxi’n It Out

Fridays in my office are generally a casual day, but with the nice weather we’ve had lately I like to wear something a little more fun. Though we have had a fair amount of sun lately, the evenings get chilly…

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The Stylish Way to Water your Lawn

Whenever I do yard work, I like to make sure that I’m doing so in the most stylish way possible. Okay, not really, but this friendly old man saw Delaney from Lover of Clothes taking pictures of my outfits and…

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The Importance of Social Networking

Between texting, instant messaging, emailing, tweeting, Facebook-ing, MySpace-ing, Instagramming, pinning, connecting, following, liking, and commenting, it can all become a little hectic and confusing. While some are able to keep everything together and understand the importance of social networking others…

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